We aim to endow our robotic characters with life-like features, from appropriate gaits and movements to the ability to physically interact with humans. We also investigate functional robots and sensing for tasks like automated maintenance. Our platforms range from legged and wheeled robots to acrobots.


Morgan Pope

Research Scientist

David L. Christensen

Research Engineer, Sr.

Matthew Pan

Postdoctoral Associate

Moritz Bächer

Research Scientist

Christian Schumacher

Associate Research Scientist

Espen Knoop

Associate Research Scientist

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We work on algorithms for finding hidden structure in large data sets, using a combination of probabilistic modeling and deep learning, ranging from social media understanding, text mining, and consumer analytics to visual computing and content generation.


Doug Fidaleo

Director, Research Lab

Komath Naveen Kumar

Research Scientist

James Kennedy

Research Scientist

Jeremie A. Papon

R&D Imagineer, Princ

Immersive Technologies

We are working to endow computers and robots with many of the qualities long associated with living, thinking beings—from perception and action to reasoning, problem solving, and even creativity! Here we are going beyond simply building the next generation of smart tools and are instead finding new ways to bring our treasured characters to life.


Lanny Smoot

Disney Research Fellow

Quinn Smithwick

Research Scientist, Sr

Ye Pan

Associate Research Scientist

Zdravko V. Velinov

Postdoctoral Associate