Disney Research


The Disney Research leadership team combines academic credentials with business acumen. Markus Gross – the vice president of research as well as professor in Computer Graphics at ETH in Zurich – guides the leaders of the three Disney Research labs, and creates the vision for Disney Research on a grand scale. The lab leaders guide and support the work of their local teams, to help create the magic The Walt Disney Company and Disney Research are known for.

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Research Teams

Our researchers consist of world-class scientists from varying backgrounds that have been selected for their potential ability to contribute to The Walt Disney Company and academic community overall.

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Support Teams

Engineers, producers, artists, and our administrative staff help to ensure our research is successful by helping us through the entire research cycle.

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Many great researchers and other talented people have worked at Disney Research, and contributed to incredible inventions. Take a look at our list of alumni, and at some of the places our researchers have continued their professional careers after their time with Disney Research.

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